From a simple rack to a full data center, 910Telecom can accommodate your needs. With ample square footage of floor space, we’re ready for your build out and offer total support with infrastructure, remote hands, and superior service.

The 910Telecom Building Meet-Me-Room (BMMR)

Space - Building Meet Me Room | 910 Telecom

Originating in multiple super vaults outside the building, network fiber enters via conduits, through a junction area, to the BMMR. Distribution group fiber runs via the pipe chase to key areas such as data centers or customer rental spaces. Access fiber, a sub-component of the distribution group fiber, connects customer rental spaces to the BMMR via the pipe chase. Direct and convenient connections are made between service provider racks and customer racks in the BMMR. The 910Telecom BMMR is designed with passive and active panels to support circuit connections from T1, DS3, OC3-OC192, and GigE Ethernet.

Data Centers

Data center facilities, which include space for work or office areas, provide cage and rack space with heavy floor-load capacity and fiber raceways leading to fiber distribution panels. Data center space is available with adaptable co-location space for any size enterprise.

Cages and Racks

Cages provide a secure and private mini-data center setting that provides customers the flexibility to grow their environment rapidly without needing to relocate to another space. Standard cage options include 5-, 10-, or 15-rack cages, either 19-inch or 23-inch, and are fully installed. Space is also available for custom cage footprints needing larger square footage. These footprints are available with or without racks installed and can be customized for any purpose or application need.

Space - Cages & Racks | 910 Telecom

Roof space for supporting equipment

Our space extends to the roof of the building, where tenants can place antennas, HVAC units and other equipment.