Building History

910Telecom Denver Gas & Electric Building
Denver Gas & Electric Building eventually housed the Public Service of Colorado. Public Service occupied part of the building until 1963 when Public Service built its own. Today we still get steam, gas and electricity from PSCO.

The basement has an artesian well that was once used to cool the refrigeration equipment for the building and there are three original coal fired boilers used for the steam heat in the building. A coal train would come up the alley and dump coal down the coal shoot for the men to shovel into the boilers.

In order to have restrooms in the building, the floors were raised to accommodate the plumbing.
Each floor has a mail shoot that dropped the mail into the mailbox in the lobby to be picked up by the mail carriers.

On November 10, 2010, The Denver Gas & Electric Building celebrated 100 years old.

Today the building has evolved into Telecommunications, created by Mr. Seymour Fortner and William R. Smith. They have made many improvements over the years, and created Denver’s premier carrier neutral facility that hosts major, national and local carriers in the telecommunication industry.

· DGEB has been a United States Landmark since July 20, 1978.
· DGEB has been a Denver Landmark since October 13, 1983.
· According to a PSC spokesman, when Aviator Charles Lindbergh made his Solo Trans-Atlantic flight, the building glowed on all four sides with the name “Lindy”.