COVID-19 Response

Dear 910Telecom (Denver Gas & Electric Building) community,

Across the globe, individuals, families, communities, and businesses are adjusting to a new reality in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We extend heartfelt sympathy to anyone impacted by the virus, and sincere gratitude to the healthcare workers and organizations on the front lines of battling this unprecedented disease.

The following is an update on how 910Telecom is handling this situation as it relates to our customers and employees.

The 910Telecom Team is committed to the following:

    • We are, and will continue, to following guidance from local health officials and the CDC.
    • We have tested, and will continue to test, all of our power and backup systems to ensure they are functioning at or above the levels needed to support all our tenants networking needs.
    • As telecommunications is considered an essential business function, we will remain, as we have, ever vigilant and fully operational in this new COVID-19 environment.

Please note much of our business is already conducted digitally and customers can make use of our “Remote Hands”, when possible, by emailing the Building Meet-Me-Room at or simply by calling 303-825-2552.  And, for any emergency please call 303-825-2552.

The Denver Gas & Electric Building Management team have taken the following steps to manage the risk of an outbreak in our space and throughout the building and we strongly recommend that each of our tenants take similar steps to protect their employees as well as the employees of the other tenants in the Building:

    • We have communicated with all employees, and contractors, to practice effective hygiene and social distancing.
    • We have cleaning crews providing disinfectants, and we have added disinfectant dispensers in strategic locations.

We are well-equipped to continue running our business and supporting you, our customers, and we are committed to ensuring that we are all prepared to flourish in the years ahead. Our entire team stands ready to assist you in any way we can. In the meantime, we will continue to closely monitor this continually evolving situation and will be in communication as appropriate.


The 910 Telecom Team
Denver Gas & Electric Building